Our Story

One Christmas not too long ago, I was trying to figure out how to make a cool and interesting picture for the family. I thought long and hard and found an exciting photo.  Recently I had seen examples of pictures on wood and wanted the look of it mixed with woods natural texture.

I did some research and discovered how to use gel medium.  Next, I spent several hours gluing, pasting, cutting and then let the piece dry overnight. The next morning with abated excitement, I went into the workshop and started the process of removing the paper, which took several hours, and completed my masterpiece. It came out terrible, and looked more like a botched attempt at an abstract piece of art. Not to be deterred, I tried more over the next several months determined that I would improve my skills and develop a piece worthy of hanging on the wall. Alas, the work did not get any better and, on top of this, the process was long and extensive just to complete one piece!

I went back to the research, traveled to many locations, made hundreds of samples on various substrates to find the right process. After many months of work, I found the printer and methods that we use today to produce our art. It is amazing the quality and resolution we produce with our methods and equipment. This notwithstanding, my original vision of using the natural beauty and look of the wood grain in the art is still intact. The natural grain and texture of wood truly makes each piece unique and no two are the same. Combining the use of wood with my other love, metal, we make products for both inside and outside of the home. Thusly, Metal & Wood was born.

We differentiate ourselves from the marketplace by offering specific pieces with both licensed work and in house talent. The drive and the passion which make our products unique is the same as the first piece I made not so long ago… it just happens to look a whole lot better 😉


Metal & Wood is about community and realizing every decision we make has an impact. We are a full-service art producer focusing on unique substrates with various options. Our pieces are inspired by vintage pieces of the early 20th century as well as established artists of whom we license their work for reproduction. We connect with the needs of our customer’s, both retail and wholesale, and create products of utmost quality for consumers to put in both the home and/or office.

We want to create products that are not only carry the ‘Made in USA’ tagline but are ‘made by your neighbor(s)’. That is, emphasizing the importance that when our products are purchased, it keeps the artists, the metal or wood producer, the frame craftsman, etc with a job.

We believe that there is responsibility and stewardship with companies and this should be a part of corporate policy. We are committed to developing partnerships with organizations not only in producing high quality products with domestic materials, but also in giving back to reputable causes. We will continually offer products in which a portion of the sale price will directly go to a worthwhile and designated cause.

Mike Whalen is the force behind the development of Metal & Wood. He is a family man who developed a passion for recognizing art in its many forms through travel. Seeing art in many aspects of everyday life or in more contemporary settings are always on his radar. New unique twists on classic travel posters or bringing to life common items from ski trips, such as trail signs, inspire continual additions to our product line and further development of our brand.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by making unique and specific pieces. You will only find our products with the graphic, saying, and/or location as marketed. Other sites offer cheaper type work by allowing people to put other locations or sayings on a piece. An example, you could find a beach scene with Ft Lauderdale labeled on it and the exact same graphic will could have San Diego. This detracts from the quality and originality of the art. We are open to creating custom work and will make new art for specific cases, but feel the integrity of the piece is paramount to true art. In fact we look forward to your suggestions for a new and original piece we can create and add to our collection!

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