Our Products

What products do we make?

We take pride in details, details, details! We do not use inferior imported metals, woods, MDF panels, or cheaper thin slats of wood stapled together. We choose to spend more on our substrates and choose products made of high grade domestic materials. These include items such as ¾ inch cabinet/furniture grade plywood or clean steel panels made of recycled metal. We diligently source these products and are proud to say they are made in the USA. Sustainability and stewardship inherently are part of this process as well. See our ‘follow the money’ information page for further in depth information.

Our process utilizes ink which is UV cured which dries instantly and will not fade from further light exposure. This process produces Hi-Resolution pieces which have deep, rich, vivid colors. They come ready to hang and each piece is unique due to the individual process and variations of grain in the wood.

Furthering Our Brand

We have pride in our work and take further steps to personalize each piece by adding a branded stamp to the back of each print including an individual product number and artist signature.

Quality Standards

All of our prints are printed in-house giving us control over the quality of the final product. We examine each piece at various stages of its creation to assure top quality control.