Maple Wood Stack

Discovering a Brand

Metal & Wood is a full-service printing brand focusing on the use of unique materials. We are about community, involvement, and realizing that every decision we make has an impact on the world around us. Connecting with the needs of you, the customer, and producing products with a level of quality we can stand behind is a value we take pride in. Learn more about us.

Sanding Wood

American Made

We believe in fair trade and the many opportunities to purchase materials from local or domestic USA made companies. This business model helps support the artists and craftsmen in our own country while also contributing to the growth of our economy. We feel this system is what allows us to market our brand as “American Made.”

ArtofBust Black and White

About the Art

Our in-house design team is always creating new products based on elements of Americana and popular aspects of both the cities and states that we call home. Not only do we create our own art but we also look to build an artist community by licensing artists with work we feel represents our core values. If you are an artist interested in working with us please email your information to